Servicing Charleston, SC and surrounding areas


Terms and Conditions of Service

WIRED Installations LLC may not be held liable for any misuse or failure of equipment installed by afore mentioned company. Services rendered and equipment installed will be so done utilizing manufacturer recommended supplies in such a manner as directed. Any/ all requested services and products will be functioning as intended at the time/date of signature for completion of installation. All services rendered are guaranteed for a minimum period of thirty (30) days from the date of signature upon completion of the install (product warranties may carry variable warranties, terms, and conditions). WIRED INSTALLATIONS LLC GUARANTEES ANY TV WHICH IS MOUNTED/ INSTALLED ON ANY SURFACE, SHALL REMAIN AS SUCH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EXCLUDING IMPROPER USE, PROPERTY DESTRUCTION, OR CAUSED BY UNFORSEEN NATURAL DISASTERS, FOR A PERIOD OF NOT LESS THAN ONE (1) YEAR.

Upon acknowledging that services are completed in full and through signing the WIRED Installations Liability Waiver Agreement, please note that there may be a service charge related to future service requests pertaining to this, and/or any additional installation services requested. A service charge/ troubleshooting fee of thirty-five ($35) dollars may be assessed as a minimum charge pertaining to troubleshooting via phone or in person at the residence/business where service/s were rendered in the event that all equipment is functioning properly at the time of such troubleshooting, even while within initial thirty (30) day warranty period. In the event that equipment is not functioning as intended the service fee may still apply in cases where functionality issues were/are not directly related to the services originally provided, such as end user misuse.

Any/ all equipment installed by WIRED Installations LLC and/or its affiliates will be installed using proper accessories. The entirety of equipment installed shall be functioning as requested and to the best of its capabilities. Use of any universal remote programmed to operate the installed system components will be fully and properly explained and functionality verified by both end user and the technician. All individual equipment will be tested and verified as fully-operational and otherwise will be explained to the end user either verbally or in writing. If the end user should utilize equipment installed in any way that is not recommended a minimum service charge of thirty-five ($35) dollars shall be assessed at time of troubleshooting or repair of afore mentioned equipment and/or any labor necessary to correct functionality issues shall be billed for accordingly in addition to the minimum service charge for initial troubleshooting. All other related service costs for equipment shall be at expense of manufacturer or end user if not within warranty period provided by WIRED Installations LLC.

WIRED Installations LLC shall be held free from all liability relating to injuries that may occur from use of any/all equipment installed and/or services rendered within the residence or business overseen by the designated signee of Liability Waiver Agreement upon service completion. Through signing the Liability Waiver Agreement, end user agrees to hold WIRED Installations LLC entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries or property damage incurred through misuse of installed equipment. End user acknowledges the risks involved in overuse or misuse of multimedia/ entertainment equipment. Risks include but are not limited to temporary or permanent loss of hearing or vision, impaired hearing or vision, or physical damage to body through use of interactive devices. Any/ all individuals utilizing equipment installed by WIRED Installations LLC or its affiliates does so participating voluntarily, of their own free will and acknowledges that afore mentioned risks have been made clear. Additionally, end user agrees to not have any condition/s that may increase the likelihood of experiencing said injuries while engaging in the proper use of installed equipment without properly notifying WIRED Installations LLC service technician prior to any installation. Assuming end user was advised against install services and through notification herein, if he/she/they decide to proceed with installation then WIRED Installations LLC or its affiliates are not responsible for any such injury that may occur under any circumstance.

Upon any installation or service completion, through signature recorded on Liability Waiver Agreement, end user acknowledges and agrees to forfeit any/all rights to bring a suit against WIRED Installations LLC for any reason, under any circumstance, and otherwise agrees to dismiss any/all claims against WIRED Installations LLC pertaining to any/all work completed by said company. In return, WIRED Installations LLC agrees to provide services of installation related to audio, video, networking, surveillance, or alternative entertainment media. End user agrees to make every effort to obey safety precautions and proper use instructions as listed in writing and/or as explained verbally by technician and otherwise shall ask for clarification from trained personnel when needed.

In the event that the Liability Waiver signee is not related to the property where installation services are/were/will be rendered, said individual acknowledges that he/she/they shall assume sole responsibility for any and all decision making necessary to complete installation service/s. The afore mentioned person shall be solely responsible for contacting the person of residence and/or making decisions related to the services rendered therein. Any fault of installation due to miss-information from the signee/s which results in un-install, re-installation/s, or any additional trip to the residence/business shall be billed to the requesting party accordingly.

Noting that technicians are not without flaw and therefore may unintentionally cause damage to the property without their knowledge, it is the responsibility of the end user to make every effort to contact WIRED Installations LLC and/or its affiliates. In the event said damage occurs WIRED Installations LLC or its designated representative shall work quickly and diligently to resolve any such matter via repair/replacement of any structure or equipment as necessary. End user shall contact directly and will not proceed with any legal action, insurance claim, or negative review via any media outlet until said contact has been made AND ONLY if a reasonable effort is not made to correct the issue/s. End user may be entitled to seek reparations through means of arbitration only, and may not seek legal counsel or representation to file suit against WIRED Installations LLC. In the event that reasonable effort is made by WIRED Installations LLC to correct any faults or damages in a timely manner, end user agrees to forfeit all rights to bring suit against said company or its affiliates/representatives for any reason and at any time in the future, nor may he/she/they provide negative feedback of the experience through any media outlet which may degrade the integrity of WIRED Installations LLC.

Photo Release Authorization Notification

By signing the Photograph Release Authorization Agreement, the end user so authorizes WIRED Installations LLC to capture photographs of any and all equipment installed within the premises or custom services provided at same location. Said images shall be used for advertising or otherwise similar branding in any way to attract new clients. WIRED Installations LLC shall not distribute the personal information of any client for any reason and may enhance/remove portions of captured images via editing prior to distribution for that reason. End user agrees to forfeit all rights to bring suit against WIRED Installations LLC for any use of photographs depicting the property and/or equipment installed at said property. End user acknowledges that any pictures or information gathered may be used as necessary and at the discretion of WIRED Installations LLC and its representatives or affiliates. The end user shall understand that he/she/they are not entitled to any compensation for any such use of afore mentioned material and may not retrieve said materials under any circumstance for any reason without expressed/written consent from WIRED Installations LLC beforehand.