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Home Automation

Smart home technology setup and installation

Home automation

Imagine the convenience of controlling your thermostat while you're away from home and the benefits of having the same system recognize your home/away habits to help save your energy consumption! Would you like to know if someone opens your garage door while you're away or have your garage door send you a notification that you may have left it open accidently? Using your smart phone or alternate mobile smart device, you can now control your home in ways you may not have known about. These are just a couple of smart home features that Wired Installations can set up for you. With the evolution of smart home technology you can control your home with the touch of a button on your smart phone, tablet or computer. Do everything from locking or unlocking doors, turn on or off lights and close the garage door. You can control a number of things in your home whether you are on the run or relaxing around the house. Your home can be on the cutting edge of smart home technology. Wired Installations will help identify the best solutions for your needs and install and network your smart home technology with your home network.


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