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Computer Networking & Data Wiring

Networking and data wiring

Does your home or business require Phone or Data wiring? The install technicians at Wired Installations are here to help with structured wiring to suit your home or business needs. We have several years of field experience with wiring both for residential and commercial properties. Our technicians are well trained in both new construction wiring and remodel/renovation wiring for existing homes or businesses. Whether you require simple Data wiring with Cat5 or Cat6 cable for VOIP (Voice Over IP), or prefer individual wiring for Internet, Cable, or Phone systems, we can provide estimates and installation services tailored to each individual location and client.

We can also help you with home and business networking solutions. Our techs can help configure your network, wired or wireless, to integrate all of your "smart" capable devices. We will make sure each device is compatible with and can communicate on the network. Network technology allows for more integration and access to data which can put networks at risk. Wired Installations will help to configure your network to operate securely and efficiently.


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