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Wired Installs can help you have eyes on your home or business at all times from anywhere in the world! NVR (Network Video Recorder) Security system technology makes it possible to not only watch your home or business from any computer, but also gives you the ability to keep a close eye on it from your smart phone or tablet in real time. Consider the security you’ll have knowing that while you’re out of town for business or pleasure, your children are home safe and secure while you’re able to watch everything they do in real-time…that means no more unwanted guests or house parties while you are away! IP Cameras have multi-functional abilities such as pan/tilt and zoom which means there are no “blind spots” with these systems as there may be with fixed position cameras. CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) cameras are another excellent security option where the camera system is linked directly into a DVR for recording purposes but may also be networked into a TV for real-time viewing or playback. CCTV camera systems are not networked and cannot be viewed remotely. Our experts can help you design a security system that best suits your specific requests and comfort level.


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